WiCHacksOswego 2018 is the first hackathon in SUNY Oswego. This hackathon is an all women's hackathon for women over 18 years old.

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Amazon Echo (4)

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Amazon Gift Cards ($10) (4)

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  • Participants: Women over 18 years in agel; Teams
  • Countries: United States


  • Solve a world problem
  • Solve a women’s problem
  • Solve the gender gap issue.


Bastian Tenbergen

Bastian Tenbergen
Professor/SUNY Oswego

Lori Cohen

Lori Cohen

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
    How much thought did they put in? Does the idea work to solve the hack? How was their presentation? Did they demo? Novelty (How innovative is it)? Usability (Is it easy to use)?

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